Privacy Policy


Data Collection

The Company collects personal data such as first name, last name, sex, date of birth, address (country and place of residence), email address, phone number which is voluntarily provided by the Visitor.

The Visitor gives his/her consent to data collection, transfer and storage in any digital devices. 

Data Use

The data provided by the Visitor is used by the Company for the following purposes:

Data Transfer

When providing services or if required by national legislation the Company can transfer the collected information to:

Data Withdrawal

The Visitor can withdraw his/her consent to personal data collection, transfer, storage and use. The steps for this are as follows: get in touch with the Company and formally notify it of the decision so that the Company could start the personal data deleting process. The Visitor can also require changing or deleting outdated or erroneous information. To do this it is as well necessary to get in touch with the Company.  

Privacy Provisions

The Company cares for data safety and takes technological, physical, internal corporate measures to protect the collected data. The access to the collected data is restricted for unauthorized persons. However, the Company is not responsible for privacy policy of the unauthorized persons whose hyperlinks may appear on the Resource.

Alterations in the Present Privacy Provisions

The Company can make alterations or additions to the Present Privacy Provisions. If there are any alterations or additions to be made, they will immediately be published on the Resource.