Some Helpful Advice from CONSTRUCTOUR for Visitors of Moscow

We decided that a few initial pages of the blog should be dedicated to Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia, one of the world’s biggest business hubs and cultural centers. Dozens of thousands of people come here daily. Some people go to Moscow on business trip that is normally connected with tight agenda and lack of time. Others come to soak up the local atmosphere and cultural life of the city. Anyway, while in Moscow, don’t miss the most remarkable sights in order to explore the city and feel the way it appears. 

Suppose you are in Moscow for the first time. Like any metropolis, it will greet you with the hustle and bustle, streams of people and cars, long distances and mess.

Here is some helpful advice from CONSTRUCTOUR

Wherever you go, to feel comfortable you will need the following must-haves:

  1. Unlimited Internet access on your smartphone: it really makes your stay easier by saving time and money.
  2. Helpful phone numbers on your smartphone just to be on the safe side: please note that should an emergency arise, dial 112 – a common emergency number available for any mobile phone providers.
  3. Helpful apps on your smartphone to move freely within the city and arrange your stay: you’d better set up in advance the following apps:
    • an interactive metro map of Moscow. It’s common knowledge that metro is supposed to be the fastest way to move freely within a city. The Moscow metro is available till 1 a.m. It should be noted that it is one of the most visited city’s attractions (see the tourThe Truth and Myths about the Moscow Metro”);
    • taxi app: the most reliable ones are and Uber. Cabs are at your service in any point of the city. The price of your ride is calculated in advance.
    • weather app: app is helpful for those who don’t want to be taken aback by bad weather while strolling around the city.
  4. Money (in cash or on card): in Moscow most payments are made by card, anyway, you’d better have a little cash on you.

What if the Internet is unavailable? Almost in all public places of Moscow there is free Wi-Fi. It is available in the metro, buses, parks, cafes and restaurants.