Sights Worth Visiting Outside Red Square

If you have already been in the heart of Moscow, namely in the Kremlin and Red Square, there are still so many remarkable places left to visit and stroll. We provide original tours of these sights.   

Stroll along the Arbat

Do you know that Arbat Street is as rich in attractions as Red Square is? While strolling along the Arbat, you can find many historic buildings. Illuminated at night, they make the street more impressive. It also holds a lot of cafes and restaurants to have a rest at.

Храм Христа Спасителя

The main cathedral of Russia restored at the turn of the 20th century. It tempts visitors with its grandeur and magnificence. The cathedral also holds a museum. You can take a sightseeing guided tour «The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Patriarch Bridge and its Nearby Sights».

The State Tretyakov Gallery

If you have plenty of time, don’t miss the State Tretyakov Gallery. This art gallery displays the richest collection of Russian painting and sculpture. There one can take a brief foray into the world of beautiful things and enjoy masterpieces of Russian art.

These are the must-see sights, providing you’re in Moscow on a stopover.

Through a Car Window

A spectacular view of many attractions is available if you decide on a sightseeing car tour. On the way to downtown Moscow, there will be the State Historical Museum, a commercial district “Moscow City”, the embankments of the Moskva River and other sights to feast your eyes on.

In Addition

Depending on the weather, you can decide on walking tours. Moscow is rich in picturesque places to stroll about: Tsaritsyno estate, Kolomenskoye estate, the Kremlin of Izmailovo, Sokolniki Park, Moscow Zoo and many others. If the weather is bad, you can visit Moscow Oceanarium, Planetarium, Ostankino television Tower and other places. If your trip to Moscow is arranged in advance, don’t miss a chance to reserve a ticket for a theatre - or circus performance, a concert of a celebrity.

Shopping in Moscow

We tend to please our relatives and friends on arriving from a trip. Moscow provides lots of shopping possibilities. Most of malls are open till 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11-12 p.m. at weekends. You’d better decide on the nearest one not to lose much time to get there. In case you have plenty of time, you should visit the biggest malls including Mega, Vegas, Crocus and others. A commercial district “Moscow City” is a place to specially focus on. You’ll never regret if you come there.